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9th Annual Pharmaceutical Microbiology Conference 2020

Pharmaceutical Microbiology as an industry is projected to see significant advancements in the next five years. This forecast is largely attributed to rapid microbiology testing, which has accounted for $3.5 billion last year, while projected to reach nearly double at $6 billion by 2025, and an estimated CAGR of 8.3% leading up to 2025. At the very core of pharmaceutical microbiology is the accurate and reliable detection of microorganisms that would otherwise contaminate the pharmaceutical products manufactured. This demand for more rapid methods for detection and identification will be accompanied by equally important areas such as contamination control strategies and environmental monitoring, process automation, and discussing updates to meet regulatory requirements. Join us at SMi’s 9th Annual Pharmaceutical Microbiology Conference to explore novel and developing technologies that tackle the most pressing challenges and push innovation in the world of pharmaceutical microbiology.



  1. Luis Meirinhos-Soares, GMP Inspector, Infarmed IP
  2. Jim Polarine, Senior Technical Service Manager, STERIS Corporation
  3. Tim Eaton, Sterile Manufacturing Specialist, AstraZeneca
  4. Pratixa Patel, Senior Director, Microbiology and Stability Sciences, GSK
  5. Ian Symonds, Pharmaceutical Consultant, SDA Pharma
  6. Michael Song, Senior Manager, MedImmune
  7. Maria Jose Zafra-Domene, Microbiology QC Team Leader, MeiraGTx
  8. Ingo Spreitzer, Deputy Head Section Microbial Safety, Paul Ehrlich Institut


  • Discuss the regulatory expectations and supportive guidance on bio-contamination control and monitoring in aseptic manufacturing of sterile products from PHSS
  • Gain valuable insight from key opinion leaders in a panel discussion on the impact of the Annex 1 revisions on pharmaceutical microbiology
  • Examine the common myths and urban legends in the pharmaceutical industry related to contamination control from STERIS
  • Explore container closure integrity and controls strategies ensuring product sterility from AstraZeneca
  • Revisit the role of the Official Medicines Control Laboratories as the GMP back up from Infarmed IP
Venue: COPTHORNE TARA HOTEL Scarsdale Place, Kensington, London, United Kingdom
Date: January 20-21, 2020

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Simi Sapal | Email: | Phone: 02078276000


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