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Clinical Research Associate Vacancy at Clariwell, Pune

Job Title: Clinical Research Associate

Job Description: A clinical research associate (CRA) runs clinical trials to test drugs for their effectiveness, risks and benefits to ensure that they are safe to allow on to the market. You’ll work on new and existing drugs and will usually be employed by either a pharmaceutical company or a contract research organization (CRO), which works on behalf of pharmaceutical companies. Responsibilities and Duties:- Identifying and briefing appropriate trial investigators (clinicians). Setting up and disbanding trial study centers. Designing trial materials and supplying study centers with sufficient quantities. Providing clinicians with instructions on how to conduct the trials. Collecting and authenticating data collection forms (commonly known as case report forms). Monitoring progress throughout the duration of the trial and writing reports.

Job TypeFull Time

Location: Pune

Eligibility: Any candidate belongs to life science bsc/ msc microbiology/ biotechnology/ pharmacy/ chemistry

Salary Range: 17,000.00 to ₹23,000.00 / month

About the Company:


The name of our organization Clariwell is derived from two basic Ideas on which our work culture is based on, Clair means clarification and the Well ending suggests Quality in a broader sense. We at Clariwell, offer outstanding opportunities to the students to upgrade themselves in all possible ways to get success in their professional careers.We have believed in the education system working with the principles of EdTech and applied it in all our training. We not only train our students to get their dream jobs but also polish out them to maintain long-term growth strategy.

How to apply:

Send your CV to

For Job Enquiry, contact @ 9156953592


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