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How syphilis, a STD once thought dormant is now resurfacing
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How syphilis, a STD once thought dormant is now resurfacing

Syphilis is one of the major sexually transmitted disease (STD) and is caused by the bacteria Treponema pallidum. Syphilis symptoms changes with the stage of the disease. In stage one its soreness, in stage two it is body rash and from stage three onwards the internal organs begin to get affected by the pathogen. As a syphilis cure, the antibiotic penicillin is used as standard treatment in most cases. If left untreated syphilis is surely lethal. In India, around one million cases are reported every year.


Syphilis has been considered dormant and under control since the standard treatment became popular. However reports emerging from the USA suggest that the disease is on a rampant rise. Preliminary data indicates that there have been 200 new cases in Oklahoma county this year. Syphilis can also be latent wherein the symptoms are absent but the causative agent is active. Of all the 267 cases discovered in the US of which 110 were from Oklahoma County are all in early latent or latent stage. If women have it then it is likely that their babies will also have congenital syphilis.

The exact reason for this rise is yet unclear. While efforts are being made to spread awareness and make sure that people get tested this surely sends alarming signals elsewhere.


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