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How to promote Indian innovations worldwide, explains at Global Lab Expo 2018 ( – World’s leading online platform to buy and sell laboratory products participated as an exhibitor at the 8th Global Lab Expo 2018 held at Ambala Cantt, Haryana, 23 -25 November. The city of Ambala is a well-known hub of small scale and large scale manufacturers of laboratory products, educational science and diagnostic supplies. At the Global lab expo, being Asia’s largest innovation and training expo, many manufacturers participated to exhibit their product innovation in the field of laboratory technology and scientific education.



The expo attracted 1000s of visitors including manufacturers of lab products from all over India, localites interested in scientific innovations, and more than 100 exhibitors. The Biomall team interacted with the visitors as well as exhibitors about its e-commerce business in the field of laboratory technology. As opposed to the old credit-based business, Biomall brings more financial security to sellers and with low investment, one can reach a larger audience on the digital platform of



The young, as well as the old generation suppliers of laboratory products, were excited to know about Biomall’s concept, history and goals, as it is one of the first such platforms in India dedicated to promotion and sales of scientific products all over the world. Biomall explained its easy and transparent system of direct online purchase, as well as the online flow of enquiry to order confirmation to the manufacturers and suppliers at the Global Lab Expo. Using digital marketing media such as email marketing, SEO marketing, whatsapp marketing and social media marketing, Biomall promotes various Indian and international brands of lab products to the global market of lab users.

The expo offered a wonderful opportunity to join hands with many Indian manufacturers and Biomall looks forward to promoting all their products on the global scale!

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