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Live Webinar – Sterilization of Bio-pharmaceutical Product: Principles, Practice and Validation

Downstream processing of the fermented product forms an integral part leading to the development of the finished product. In our upcoming webinar, Dr S. S. Easwaran will talk about the various aspects of cold sterilization involved in biopharmaceutical production.


View this webinar here: https://youtu.be/e6CEAibP6OQ


Abstract of the Webinar:

Sterilization is a process of complete removal of living organisms from the medicinal preparation that is purporting to be sterile. As most of the biopharmaceutical products are heat labile, the method of choice of sterilization is cold sterilization. The presentation discusses about the principles & mechanism, methodology, regulatory and validation aspects of cold sterilization.



9th April 2019, 3.00 – 4.00 pm IST


About the Speaker:

Dr. S. S. Easwaran
Academic Director
Biocon Academy
Bangalore, India


Easwaran has an extensive work experience of 24 years in Academia as well as industry. Previously he has worked with some of the top companies like Merck, Biozeen and Biomerieux in the field of biopharmaceutical production. Today, he utilizes his experience and skills to provide job-skills based training to the Bioscience candidates at the Biocon Academy. A few of his accomplishments include 1 patent, 18 national and 4 international publications. Noteworthy, he has helped 400+ biosciences candidates to find the job of their dreams!


Join the Webinar here: https://biomallin.wiziqxt.com/online-class/819989

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