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Startup Success Stories Interviews Dr. Jhaveri – Biomall’s Founder

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Dr. S. Jhaveri is a Ph.D. graduate and a successful entrepreneur based in Mumbai. He has done his Ph.D. in Chemistry and Chemical Biology from Cornell University, Ithaca, NY in the year 2007 and also done his bachelor’s in Chemical Technology specializing in Chemistry of Dyes and Intermediates from ICT, Mumbai (formerly UDCT). He has been awarded Dr. Sundar Aggarwal award for outstanding Indian Students entering the Ph.D. program in Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Cornell University.

In the year 2012, he started his distribution business for laboratory products under the company Chargen Life Sciences LLP. During the initial 3 years of the distribution business, he studied the lab industry market deeply and analyzed the problems faced by laboratories. Based on this analysis and the growing consumer inclination towards e-Commerce, he found an online platform connecting buyers and sellers of lab products to be a perfect solution to tackle the current problems. Thus, in mid-2016, he launched India’s first online marketplace for laboratory products –

What is your USP?
The biggest USP is that we are an online platform dedicated only to the laboratory, life science and diagnostic products. This separates us from several other marketplaces which sell all kind of products. We give a target customer base to all the sellers who can then use this platform as a good marketing tool as it caters specifically to the scientists, pathologists, medical, pharma & QC professionals.

Also, Biomall acts as a single platform to buy multiple types of lab products from multiple brands in a single order.

It provides the option to buy lab products directly online just by selecting quantity, add to cart and place an order by making an online payment. Buyers can request for a bulk discount if more than 10 packs are needed. Buyers can also post an enquiry for products not found on the portal. This enquiry then gets shared to all registered sellers on the portal who can send an online quote to the buyers as per product availability.

The platform provides a seamless experience to the sellers for managing all orders, enquiries, stock and ongoing offers through their dashboard.

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