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Vacancy for Research Associate – Medicinal Chemistry at Jubilant Biosys

Jubilant Biosys



Jubilant Biosys is hiring for the position of Jr. Research Associate/Research Associate in the Department of Medicinal Chemistry. Below please find the details.


Number of positions: 10-20
Location: Bangalore
Desirable Qualification: M.Sc (Chemistry/ Organic Chemistry) with 2-6 years experience


The candidate must have the following skills and experience in synthetic chemistry.

  • Experience in a drug discovery industry/ CRO in the synthesis department
  • Should be able to do multi-step synthesis
  • Capable of handling milligram to multigram scale reactions


Key responsibilities:

  • Learn and execute the synthetic routes for the targeted compounds under the guidance of
    scientific leaders
  • Synthesize Novel Synthetic Organic Molecules in Milligram to gram Batches
  • Solve Troubleshooting in various organic chemical reactions
  • Setting up of reactions, purification techniques, compound characterization
  • Handling of moisture and air-sensitive reagents & reactions
  • Analyzing compounds using a good range of modern separation and spectroscopic techniques
  • Write and maintain records of observations and conclusions for every experiment in a timely manner
  • Carrying out a literature search and retrieving data from various scientific journals and patents
  • Active participation in departmental seminars
  • Follow safety protocols and maintain the lab in a clean manner


How to apply:

You can send your resume to C S Trupti: For any inquiries, please contact C S Trupti at +91-96639 27432

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