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MEDEX 2019: Myanmar’s step forward into the world of medical, pharmaceutical and lab equipment & supplies

MEDEX is Myanmar’s foremost exhibition for medical, lab and pharmaceutical equipment and supplies. The 3rd edition of this exhibition is being held in Yangon, during October 9-11 2019.

MEDEX 2019 is organized by AMB Tarsus Events Group and aims at bringing the medical and pharmaceutical sector up to speed with the 4th Industrial Revolution. With a track record of attendees from countries all over the world, including India, Taiwan, Singapore, Korea, Thailand and Malaysia, MEDEX’19 makes Myanmar’s growing medical and pharmaceutical industry open to international business. This international exhibition provides an opportunity for visitors and participants to interact and discover the latest medical and pharmaceutical technology and equipment in the industry. The event will not only feature exhibitions by a range of manufacturers and suppliers, it will also host technical seminars to promote a healthy discussion among the attendees.

The 2018 edition of MEDEX was very well received, with positive reviews pouring in from both the visitors and the exhibitors.

Figure 1: Reviews by some of the exhibitors of MEDEX 2018.


Fuelled by the success of the previous edition, MEDEX is all set to launch its 2019 edition at Tatmadaw Hall, Yangon in Myanmar. The central location of the exhibition center provides attendees easy access to facilities such as hotels and an opportunity to explore the country during their stay. Sponsored by Advance Lab, the event will have exhibits covering various sectors in the medical and pharmaceutical equipment and supplies industry. The following chart gives a comprehensive overview of the exhibit profile.


Figure 2: Exhibits Profile for MEDEX 2019, Myanmar


MEDEX 2019 offers exhibitors both bare spaces and walk-on packages. The walk-on packages include a fully carpeted area with laminated panels, an information desk, a wastepaper basket, and two folding chairs. The package also includes adhesive vinyl letters for the exhibitor name and booth numbers for display.


Image: Previous editions of the MEDEX Myanmar (


Image: India Pavilion at the MEDEX Myanmar (


The exhibition is equally resourceful for both visitors and exhibitors. Exhibitors can use this opportunity to build new business partnerships and strengthen old ones. It can also give a great boost to the company’s market value and increase the popularity of the brand. One of the main advantages for the exhibitors is that MEDEX gives them an opportunity to stage their newest innovations and technologies through various events such as New Product Launches and Promotional Campaigns. Visitors greatly benefit from the event as it gives them an exposure to the latest technical innovations and advancements in the pharmaceutical and medical manufacturing and distributing industry. One of the key attractions of MEDEX 2019 is the Medical and Pharmaceutical seminar. In its 4th edition, themed “Embracing Industry 4.0”, the seminar will focus on some of the important aspects of Myanmar’s, current healthcare industry, its opportunity for improvement and will also uncover advancements in technology and innovations. The seminar will also host well-known speakers from the industrial sector, who will be presenting studies on developments in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. For more details regarding the MEDEX’19 and links for registration, please visit

Figure 3: This figure shows the expected number of visitors and exhibitors based on the turn-out of MEDEX’18


Biomall will be participating in MEDEX 2019, Myanmar as an exhibitor. As an internet-based commercial marketplace, Biomall caters to the needs of life sciences laboratories. Through its official website, Biomall gives customers access to products ranging from laboratory equipment, plasticware, diagnostic products, and life sciences products. Some of the major product categories include – Cell culture supplies, products catering to the needs of microbiology, genomics and proteomic studies, sensitive chemicals such as antibodies, proteins and enzymes, common laboratory reagents and laboratory furniture, glassware and equipment. The company has a worldwide customer base and is an ideal platform for domestic and overseas business opportunities for local and international brands. Biomall facilities a healthy dialogue between its customers and the brands so that quotations and other information may be effectively conveyed. The company also keeps its customers informed about the latest events, trends, innovation, and technology. This gives users an opportunity to explore their options and chose the product which is the best fit for their needs.

Biomall invites its valuable customers and partners to visit their stall (Booth Number 203) at the MEDEX 2019, Yangon, Myanmar. Entry is free for Visitors. One may pre-register to avoid on-site queues




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